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You can find astrology and frequency therapy in our stand. Read more about The Golden Astrology, Guldkorn123 and Astrokalendern on the Lisa Aurelius website, these are available at a very good fair price during the weekend.

Will show how to easily scan the body and get correct answers about the status of the body's organs and then balance the body in the best possible way. You will clearly see the change that the short therapy session has brought. You also get answers about which food, vitamins, etc. are best for your body.

Also shows a very effective hand hold device that drains the lymph and makes the skin smoother etc. and will also have iTeraCare that you can try.

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Email if you already want to book an appointment for scanning and balancing. Everything takes about 15 minutes.

This is the most powerful health device I have used, also better result compared with all kind of therapies I have tried. And it is safe and simple to use. It feels like I've been given the keys to a goldmine of countless health benefits! The price is also affordable. This device uses terahertz technology combined with scalar energy (zero point energy) and infrared heat.

I have had problems with my neck for 20 years and done massage, naprapathy, chiropractic and more, but nothing helped. After three weeks of usage with the IteraCare device my neck was almost good and have no pain. It also relaxes my body and reduce stress, and that has been important since I have been under high stress and been burned out for many years. Now next "body project" is to heal my eyes from nearsightedness. Forgot to tell that my stomach is much more stable with pain much more seldom.

This is something all humans for all ages will benefit from. There are many testimonials, see some below. terahertz therapy

Feel free to contact me with any question.
Name: Ali Kuosku
Mobile: +46-73-6359213 (Sweden)
Skype ID: kuosku

According to TCM most health issues are due to blockages in body, and one thing this device do is elimination of blockages and body get better possibility to heal all kind of issues. The device increases blood flow/micro cirkulation. It also charge the cells so the user/client get more energy, and thus more strength to heal. Body on cell level get higher energy and flow that will rejuvenate body.

As with all therapies everyone dont get results in short time, it is same with this, but the difference with this tool many people get great results in a short period of time. For example, one man that got stroke lost his ability to speak and with 20 minutes use of the device he could start talking again. This because the blockage was eliminated due to increase of blood flow. The terahertz frequenzy is something very fundamental on a cellular level, therefore all will have benefits, but the time it takes for results to be seen is different.

The device creates terahertz frequenzy, heat and zero point energy.

The frequencies created balance the body at the cellular level. The cells are cleaned and charged to function at an optimal level. Body will be more protected against for example viruses, bacteria or fungi when the body and cells are in full balance/harmony.

The big advantage of using this device is that you achieve an effect on all levels of your body. Blockages are eliminated at different levels of the body, such as the physical, mental, spiritual, auric & electromagnetic body. Then we get great impact to dissolve blockages and the healing flow can take place. The frequencies and energy generated strengthen the effects of other treatments.

Offering sessions in the Stockholm area, there is also the option of a biofeedback session for extra depth. The sessions balance and activate the body for self-healing and are very powerful. The treatment is carried out with a device that generates heat and Teraherz frequency between 30 to 3000 microns and blue light. Often, the treatment is done on a few "basic acupoints" in order to then direct the treatment to a specific injury. The heat softens tissues and activates the body's healing ability. The frequency vibrates at the same frequency as healthy cells and these cells are strengthened, and damaged cells are repaired as they come into harmony with the healthy vibration. Bacteria, viruses, dead cells/tissues are cleared from the body as microcirculation increases. This gives more flow throughout the body and the body gets more energy to heal itself. Many imbalances can be balanced and help the body to self-heal with this technique, however, it is different how different people react to the treatment. You can feel a clear effect after a treatment. Also scans 47 organs and you get a report on their state of health and also a list of the best preparations/vitamins etc. for your body.

• Similar effect as with acupuncture
• Massage - softens tissues down to the bone marrow, frequency reaches 20-30cm
• Detox - increases microcirculation and the frequency washes away damaged and dead cells
• Charges water as the water molecules are structured and gain higher energy and are more easily absorbed by the body
• Chakra balancing which opens the flow in the chakras
• Aura balancing
• Frequency treatment, heat treatment, acupressure, cupping, reflexology
• Blue light for skin care and kills bacteria
• Good in combination with other therapies such as massage, healing, cleansing and NLP

There is no harmful radiation created from the device, fully harmless to use for everyone. It has zero EMF radiation. Several tests show that it is safe to use.

Examples of what can be balanced and strengthened. The results are individual as we have completely different conditions, live different lives and different types of issues and how long we have had them. For the best results, it is important to reduce what stresses the body and support the body in its process of self-healing:
• Painrelief
• More energy
• Clearer thoughts, reduce brainfog
• Cleansing of toxins
• More flow/balance in the physical, mental, emotional, chakras
• Increases microcirculation and thus removes stagnations/blockages more easily
• Softer joints, pain relief/elimination
• Healthier skin, heals skin problems
• Speed up recovery from flu and colds
• Increases metabolism
• Strengthens healthy stem cells and cells, repairs damaged cells and expels dead cells
• Activates stemcells
• Improves the immune system
• Regulates body temperature
• Weight loss
• Stress reduction, balances the vagus nerve
• Calming and good tool before meditation
• Better sleep
• Strengthens the eyes
• Raises your frequency as help for more awareness etc
• And much more

"One of the top Ten most advanced technology to change the world in health."

The device is based on three technologies: terahertz frequency, quantum technology & optical quartz technology combined with infrared heat. The frequency device consist of about 150 minerals and trace elements. The device is completely safe to use, it is certified and thoroughly tested by several authorities.

Terahertz frequency
The terahertz frequency vibrates at the same frequency as healthy cells. Activates and repairs damaged cells by causing the damaged cells to vibrate in sync with the healthy terahertz frequency, same as the healthy cells frequenzy. The terahertz frequency also removes dead cells and toxins. These particles will get flushed out of body when microcirculation increases in body, wich is one result of using this device. The human body generates terahertz frequencies. Young children have high frequenzy, elderly and sick people have lower and weaker frequencies.

Quantum technology
Quantum technology creates a scalar energy/zero point energy field which strengthens and balances the body and energizes the cells. The zero point energy/prana/chi is the energy used in for example Reiki.

More about zero point energy

Amplifies the energy produced by the device. It creates more powerful results and strengthens the aura field. Consists of over 150 trace elements to achieve the properties.

Optical quartz technology
In addition to above technology there is an infrared heat that penetrates body deeply which is a good combination with the frequenzies.

Video on how the body can be helped to self-heal with a higher frequency "Healing is Voltage"


Some youtube videos:

Kevin suffered serious injuries after vaccinations and got tremendous results

See video

After four days of use man could walk again after a stroke that made him paralyzed on right side for three years
See video

Funny, old dad run away from home after his first treatment
See video

Short IteraCare product presentation 20 min
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weight loss


varicose veins

tesla einstein

vibration Below info from Prife international that have the license for the device:

Combination of Chinese and Western Cytology Technology. Terahertz resonates as the same frequenzy as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second.

• Activate and repair cells. • Rapidly clear meridians. • Rapidly detox lymph system. • Rapidly remove water retention. • Rapidly improve blood microcirculation.

Penetration: The device frequenzy can penetrate the skin from 20-30 cm, thus reaching the bone marrow, micro blood vessels and capillaries. It enhances microcirculation and eliminates body humidity.

Identification: It strengthens healthy cells. Repairs damaged cells, thus expelling liquefy unhealthy cells. It unblocks passages/vessels and also does detoxification

Activation: Regulates the body temperature. Improves the the immunity system. Activating weak and inactive cell.


Radiant heat
Current passed through a coiled Nichrome Element, creating both radiant and infrared heat.

Optical Quartz
As THZ and infrared waves passes through the optical grade, quartz tube, excited electrons begins to vibrate.

Terahertz technology
Significantly void of impurities, the optical quartz tube´s vibration generates more THZ frequency.

Convection current
As Terahertz frequencies are generated convection currents force the radiant air from the fused, quartz tube.

Transdermal delivery
When the wand is pointed towards the body, non-ionizing frequenzies are delivered directly to the skin.

Quantum field
The quantum energy amplifies the energy signatures around the device, making it more powerful and effective.